Sunday, March 21, 2010

Children Works

One of the Policies of AUWCSC is we cannot take photos of the children as it will make them to think about us different then other teachers. Moreover, we come to this slum area school to teach the poor children not to publicize our work. We work with our dedicated heart and mind.

Therefore, yesterday I took some pictures of the works which had done by these children of class 4.

Prize to Motivate

Yesterday there were 11 students in the class though there suppose to be 12 students. The class was really amazing. I was feeling so sleepy when I was going to the school. However, when I went to school and saw my sweet little students all my tiredness has gone. They all were really curious about their exam paper and it made me happy as it shows that they really care and conscious about their exam. However, I planned to give the exam paper at the end of the class as I know some will be upset and some will be happy to see the result especially about the prizes. I took only two chips as a gift for the two students who got 19 and 18 in their exam. I did not take prize for all the children to see that can this prize is able to motivate them or not. I tried to use some of the experiment which I learn in my high school in Psychology class, using some gift of prize to motivate children to reach their goal. I hope it will work. I will teach them the same math next three weeks and then I will take another exam to see their improvement.
Another thing happened yesterday, I and my friend Meta planned to teach them the name of month and days and we use some new method. We made two big posters and told them to pest the word and make the name of the months and days. To do these things we divided them into 5 groups and let them to do the work. It was really amazing how they did the work with smiling, fighting, and arguing with each other. At first we let them do whatever they want as I believe they will learn to do the group work more effectively and successfully through their various experiences. After some time I found two boys from two different groups are sitting separately with an upset mood as they were not able to coping with the group. So, I had to go and talk with them and make them understand that it is a group work and you have to understand every member’s mentality, respect their thoughts and make you voice loud. After few minutes negotiations they both come and join to the group.
Now it was time to give them their results as they all were become impatient to know there result. At last we announced the result and everybody clap for the people who give prize. I know some people got hurt as they did not get prizes. However, I had to do this as I really want good results from my students. I love them and I want to build a bright future for them.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Exam Papers

It is 2:15pm midnight.
I have just finished correcting the math exam paper of my students. Last week we gave them some simple math in both Bangle and English version. Most of the student done well in Bangle but in English they could not able to translate it properly. Out of 20 numbers 10 students got 1, 5, 6, 7,9,11,12,16,18, and 19. From the result you can see the difference between the students. Therefore it is tough to teach these students. Some students had done really great job. I and Meta want to give the student, who got highest mark, some chocolate or candy. So the other students will hopefully motivate by this although it is kind of against the rule of AUWCSC. I need to do this as I am not finding other way to interest them in study. I gave really some easy math like addition and subtraction and it was easy as they are students of class four. I am thinking about some more ways to motivate them in study.

Friday, March 5, 2010

D for Discrimination or Development?

Today, Ms. Carly was with us. I sat beside her and talk about many issues and concerns about this club and NGO as we heard that the NGO is planning to close their education sector where this school is included. Simply it means that the school will be closed. This NGO closed has already closed one school under their project of education. The main reason behind this is lack of teachers as the payment of the teacher is very low and less people are willing to give volunteer service.
However, we are still not sure and its makes us hopeful. Today, I entered class I saw all faces of my student are new, I was puzzle. Then I realize it is not my class, I teach in class 4 and it is class 3. I feel relief as the drop out and changes of students are very common here. Finally, I came to know that the class room has changed for class 4. I entered in the class, I was very small and no benches or table there. In this school we have only 3 class rooms only one has benches and tables. I saw the only small black board is on the floor. I took the black board and put it on the only table in the room. 10 students were present in the class 5 boys and 5 girls. I am happy to see the attendance as it has a nice balance. I and my partner Meta teach them the subjects Bangla, Math, and English. Meta does not know Bangla as she is Cambodian. Teaching children like them who come from different backgrounds and some are after long detach form study or gap, is difficult as some students are very fast and some are very slow. Therefore, we cannot use one single method to teach them. Till now what I found is they are really very weak in English, so not like to study English very much. And for Bangla they always try to memorize things rather than understand or realize. I and Meta is planning to do some activities to make English more interesting to them.
After teaching these three subjects we play a game with the name of English days and months. It was fun and these children always love to play. The bell rang and reminds me that the class time is finished.
When I set in the car which is provided by my university and enjoying the coolness of AC and the video playing in the little TV screen of the car, suddenly Ms, Curly said that she feel bad when she see the situation of this children and after this come and set to this luxurious car and come to the luxurious building of our university. It is true, you will fill it so deeply when you experience it, experience the situation of this discrimination between the rich and poor people.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

After five months (or more) of attending in AUW Community Service Club and teaching in the Utsha which is a school in a slum area of Chittagong, today I decided to write about my experiences that I gathered that school. I have so many precious experiences which make me think about the world in different way. The students of that school open my third eye to see the world which is totally different from my own world. I knew that everybody have their own world inside them, but I did not know that they are totally different than the others.


AUW Community Service Club launched its journey in 2008 with Miss Carly
Brunswick and some enthusiastic student of Asian University for Women. The members of this community service club go to teach in a school at slum area name Utsha, in Chittagong. In every Saturday of the week we go to that school to teach as volunteer teacher. We hope this club will create a history with their great community servicing.
The location of the club is
Asian University for Women
20/A, M. M. Ali Road
Chittagong, Bangladesh